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Short Stories

Short Stories

Cover Art for Animal Attraction
A number of Ansley Vaughan's short stories are online or in hard copy.

One of my favourties is 'Bungalow Bill' in an anthology of stories called 'Animal Attraction' published by
Torquere Press.   The beautiful cover  art is on the right:   

Cover Art for 39 and Still Holding'Before I Die' is published in paperback and electronically by Phaze in an anthology entitled '39 and Still Holding.'  

The story's about a schoolmistress facing retirement who decides to make up for years of austerity and sexual repression. 

There's one experience she's determined to sample before it's too late.

'Lust, longing, returned to her, sweeping in after such a long absence with a violence which struck her in her lower stomach like a physical blow.

Paul pulled at her dress.  "Let's get this off."

Immediately she reverted to being as tense as a board, like a corpse in the throes of rigor-mortis. He pulled back.

"Eileen, I know this is difficult. You've always been in control, an authority figure. But now, to enjoy this, you must let go. It's…" he cast around for the right analogy. "It's like being a sky-diver. Before the jump the kit has to be checked, you have to remember the routine, get into the plane. It's all tense anticipation. But once you jump that's it. There's nothing you can do until you pull the ripcord."

She gave a laugh. "I can assure you that nothing would induce me to jump out of an aeroplane."

"No. But you've done this. To get this far was brave. Now relax and enjoy it." '