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My first novel The Facility Trip is published by Freya's Bower.   This is what it's about.

'Guy Maltravers’ life is changed forever on the day he meets Tabansi Changa. Sent by his paper to Mandisa, an east African country convulsed by civil war, Guy manages to get a facility trip up to the front. Major Changa is a moody and difficult career soldier who’s uprooted himself from a comfortable job in Britain to come to the aid of his people.Cover Art for The Facility Trip Changa doesn’t want to be acting as nursemaid to a journalist, and he lets Guy know it. But behind the rudeness, there’s a magnetism, a sense of sexual power, of which Guy, far away from his wife and children, is only too aware. When they’re trapped by the rebels in a bunkhouse in the mountains, the tension between them is unleashed into shattering sexual action. Now Changa wants Guy to make up for all the time he’s lost, and he puts him through a shocking baptism of fire at the notorious Boat Club. So will Guy adopt Changa’s louche life-style? And what happens when they meet again, in very different circumstances?'

Here's an excerpt from The Facility Trip

My second novel is 
A Personal Statement a book I loved writing.  You can see the cover below and it's available from  Freya's Bower.   It's about a British government minister who becomes enmeshed in a scandal which threatens to destroy him
Cover Art for A Personal Statement

'Pascal Dumont is a highly successful politician.   He’s a minister in the British government, and people are already thinking of him as a future prime minister.   But Dumont has a secret.   And when the handsome American intern, Todd Panopoulos, turns up to work in his office, it looks as if the secret may be in danger of spilling out.   Dumont’s reckless affair with Todd threatens his career, his honour and his prospective marriage.   And when an unscrupulous journalist starts digging into Dumont’s past, he finds a lot more dirt to entertain the readers of the country’s tabloid press.   When Dumont is forced into a humiliating position, he has no choice but to make a Personal Statement to parliament.   But what will his bitter enemy, the opposition shadow Jack Wickham, make of it all?   The story ends with a revelation which will surprise even the most seasoned scandal-merchants'.

Here's a taste of it -- as long as you're over eighteen!

Excerpt from A Personal Statement

The Price of Gold 
is a romantic fantasy about a deeply unpleasant gold trader in the city of London who is redeemed by the intervention of a Norse goddess -- but not before he's been embarrassed, humiliated and thoroughly confused.   By the end he's found himself, and he's found love -- a wiser and happier man.
Cover Art for The Price of Gold

'Alex Westgate is a man who has everything. A successful trader in the exclusive London gold market, he possesses a smart flat, a fast car and a fashionable girlfriend. But something is missing, and one person is worried about him. His mother.

On the way down to the coast to visit his parents, Alex is involved in an accident that brings him into contact with someone who will shatter his preconceptions and turn his ordered existence upside-down. The goddess Freya, confined to earth because of a malfunctioning chariot, introduces him to her own kind of mischief and zest for living.

Alex is plunged into a nightmare world of sea-monsters, belligerent Valkyries, man-eating wolves and shape-shifting cats. As he learns some hard lessons about love and relationships, it becomes clear that Freya's presence on earth is more than just a coincidence. It's a matter of life and death.

Will he survive the experience to learn the final lesson; that there's more to the human journey than worrying about the price of gold?'

The Price of Gold is available from Freya's Bower