Ansley Vaughan

Thrilling Adventure - Tender Romance - Sizzling Sex



Hello, I'm Ansley Vaughan

I write stories -- adventures with a highly erotic content. They're both heterosexual and gay romance, set in exotic locations around the world.

My latest is a sizzling romantic adventure, just published by
Total-E-Bound . 'The Wedding of the Wolf'is set in Tuscany, Albania and in Soho in London.

'When Eloise Lambert agrees to plan a society wedding in Italy for her old school friend, she’s quite  unprepared for the complications.   There’s the red tape, the bride’s interfering mother and the fact that the groom is rather less than willing.   Add to that the problems she encounters with the owner of the castle where the wedding is taking place, the handsome but bad-tempered Count, her relationship with his difficult young family and the distractions of her actor boyfriend,  a watchful and attractive British police agent and a lustful Mafia godfather.   Eloise’s emotions, and her sexual desires, are challenged and exercised as never before.

Then she’s drawn into re-enacting an ancient ritual, The Wedding of the Wolf, which makes the choices she has to make even more difficult and winds up the sexual tension to almost unbearable levels.'
Illustration for L'Atelier du Temps, by Eve le Dez
One of my favourite short stories is 'L'Atelier du Temps', which first appeared in the eZine, Forbidden Fruit.

'A shy history professor takes a winter trip to Brittany to get away from disgrace at home. But a strange encounter with the proprietor of a very odd shop plunges him into medieval mayhem and some very intimate experiences. Will this convince him that his own times aren't so bad, and show him the way to happiness and peace of mind?'

The story was illustrated by the artist, Eve Le Dez; you can see more examples of her work on her site.